Help for seafarers

Practical support for people working at sea

If you work at sea and your vessel is unsafe or in a substandard condition, your wages haven’t been paid or your employer is ignoring your rights, ITF can help.

As a seafarer, be it on a cruise ship or fishing vessel, it’s a smart choice to join the union best able to advise you and represent your interests. And do this before you actually need urgent help.

Find out which unions have affiliated to the ITF 

Check conditions on ship

Make sure your vessel has an agreement that guarantees safe working conditions before you sign up, and contact the union that signed it.

Find an inspector or a union

When you are far from home, ITF inspectors can represent you and stand up for your rights.

The ITF seafarers’ section and inspectors work at an international level to help seafarers and their families.

We have campaigned against flags of convenience and helped seafarers in need of urgent assistance for 60 years.

Help is available to all seafarers ­­– but by joining a union you benefit from our collective agreements, resources and the solidarity of other seafarers.

See our dedicated website for seafarers

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joselito ranario

24 Days Ago
this is about working hours without overtime , we sign on our contract 44 hours per week but the captain force us to work 52 hours per week on monday to saturday 8 hours per day and 4 hours on sunday because they said we have guaranteed overtime paid 85 hours per month , i want only to know this if we work on saturday for 8 hours instead of 4 hours and 4 hours for sunday
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Zaenal abidin

383 Days Ago
About overtime & basic salary..about the food not standard..about sefety facility not standard
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Eduardo Jose de los santos diaz

871 Days Ago
Como puedo afiliarme a la ITF?
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Eduardo Jose de los santos diaz

871 Days Ago
Por que los Barcos de los cruceros princess no pagan vacationed a los trabajando results all final decision cada contrato
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Berendara kumar saket

1337 Days Ago
How are survive a seafarers in sea and tell me of pramotion ,seaman to catain position
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