• ITF and IMEC, working in partnership

    Find out more about this unique collaboration.

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  • Maritime labour convention

    As a seafarer, do you know there is a bill of rights to ensure you have decent living and working standards? This includes everyone working on board…

  • Flags of convenience

    Seafarers are vital to all of us. They travel the globe with everything we need, from bananas, oil, gas and building materials to cloth, grain and…

  • Help for seafarers

    If you work at sea and your vessel is unsafe or in a substandard condition, your wages haven’t been paid or your employer is ignoring your rights,…

  • Women seafarers

    If you work at sea and need help and advice on labour issues, contact your seafarers’ union. By joining an ITF-affiliated union, you also gain…

  • The Black Sea project

    Promoting education, legislation and unionisation

  • Container safety

    Container safety isn’t just an issue for the transport industry. Poorly packed and stowed containers can cause structural damage, injury and even…

  • Maritime Roundtable 2016

    The Maritime Roundtable (MRT) 2016 will take place in Montreal, Canada 20-23 September 2016

    MRT 2016
  • Maersk network

    The Maersk network has been set up in recognition of the fact that, either directly or indirectly, thousands of ITF transport workers are employed…

    Maersk Network
  • Seafarers’ Bulletin 2017

    The 2017 edition of the ITF’s flagship annual publication for seafarers

    Seafarers' Bulletin 2017
  • Day of the Seafarer 2016

    As part of celebrations for the IMO Day of the Seafarer 2016 the ITF has interviewed IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim.

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  • Woman captain wins bravery award

    Captain Menon, hero and trade unionist, tells how she and her crew won the IMO Bravery at Sea award

    Capt Menon
  • Calling all seafarers!

    On 18 January 2017 important new rules came into force on abandonment.

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  • Criminalisation

    Criminalisation is one of the most serious problems facing seafarers today. When there has been a maritime accident, or a pollution infringement,…

  • Cabotage

    Without permanent employment for domiciled seafarers maritime skills will simply disappear.

  • Ship automation

    Read about the ITF's work in the IMO and other forums on ship automation.

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