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The ITF dockers’ team represent the interests of the ITF dockers’ section by:

  • Building a global campaign around issues affecting port workers around the world
  • Supporting local and regional organising to build stronger port unions
  • Working on powerful campaigns for dockers’ rights, conditions and health and safety.
  • Supporting unions in disputes with employers and co-ordinating solidarity and leverage where possible
  • Targeting the big global network terminal operators
  • Providing information, support and advice to affiliate unions
  • Working with other unions in the global transport chain

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597 Days Ago
IAM from Iraq . Iraq was a country that was closed 13 years ago but today it is much more. But so far, we have not been able to see an office of your esteemed organization. Please be authorized and represent you. I am a naval captain who has been the director of one of Iraq's ports for 7 years. Note that Iraq has 8 busy ports and 5 airports. Neither have his representatives of i t f. Please appreciate this and communicate with me. Thank you
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isaac s.Bundor

1302 Days Ago
iam an employee of APMTerminals free port of monrovia. our working area is not good at all.
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