New Zealand Toll workers secure new collective agreement

Workers represented by ITF-affiliate FIRST Union have this week put the ITF-Toll Global Framework Agreement into meaningful action, by signing an agreement that sees long standing issues over equal pay and casual labour addressed.

The new agreement consolidates existing agreements with Toll Logistics and Toll Customised Solutions to cover the entire North Island.  Up to now, there have been major issues with regards equal pay between the two entities. The workforce in Toll Customised Solutions - predominantly women - have historically been paid less than their counterparts in Toll Logistics, who are predominantly men. All workers are now in line with wage rates, starting with the Living Wage. 

The agreement also includes the conversion of casual workers to permanent direct employment after six months engagement on the site, where in the past some workers had been employed through third parties for several years.

Commending the work of FIRST Union and the strength of the workforce, ITF General Secretary Steve Cotton said: “Industrial agreements made at the global level can, with strong content and determination to deliver, translate into real, sustainable gains for workers. And we know that collaboration of this kind benefits the industry as a whole. This news from our friends in New Zealand should be celebrated.

ITF and Toll have shown a commitment to genuine representation and bargaining, and we’re sure we will see more and more agreements nationally in the months and years to come.”

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