Seafarer’s remarkable life made into ITF film

The ITF has released a specially commissioned documentary about the life of inspector and activist Shwe Tun Aung.

It tells the story of how Shwe left Burma as a seafarer, but saw his life completely change as he took on a corrupt ship owner and was blacklisted for his activism.

The tale travels through several countries, includes the ITF ship the Global Mariner, has amazing stories of global union solidarity, and makes its way to Houston, USA, where Shwe Tun Aung is now the ITF inspector.

But it does not end there, as Shwe was finally able to return to his home country and play a central role in establishing the Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers.

Shwe Tun Aung said: "They [the ITF] asked me about the union in Burma. They wanted me to do it. I said 'yes, that's my dream'.

"It's really great. It is the union we wanted. I want a union that's independent, democratic and transparent. They fight for their members - not for their benefits."

The film 'Burmese Cowboy: The Shwe Tun Aung Story' is available on the ITF Youtube channel here with a trailer also available here.

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