• Supply Chain & Logistics

    Supporting transport workers worldwide. ITF supply chain and logistics brings together the workers who deliver goods and cargo across the world.…

  • Education

    From the organising and strategic campaigns manuals to the young workers’ summer school, we are building action through education, both regionally…

  • Women

    Strong unions need women. Directed by the ITF women’s committee, the ITF women’s department works with affiliates, helping them to organise more…

  • Young Workers

    Transport unions need young workers to be their driving force now and for the future; young workers need unions to back the fight for secure and…

  • Climate Justice

    Transport is a significant and growing source of carbon emissions, so transport unions need to have their say on emissions and climate…


    Transport workers are particularly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. The ITF is dedicated to raising awareness of this, and ending the stigma around HIV/AIDS.…

  • Priority projects

    The ITF Congress in 2014 committed the organisation to a number of high priority ongoing international campaigns. Read more about them here.

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